Welcome to the Artwork of Norwood Creech

#GildTheDelta #ARkansasDeltaArt

thru April 21 at the Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas, Pine Bluff www.asc701.org

This series, #GildTheDelta, relates to how one may express their love and adoration.  

A gold ring seals your marriage. Love those grandbaby shoes, but don’t know how to preserve them? Have them dipped in silver or bronze.

Using gold, displayed when expressing an exalted love, a great love, seemed a natural inclusion in my work, my paintings, drawings, and prints, in my interpretations of the flat, row crop landscape, of Arkansas’ Delta. 

Taking this theory, I worked towards a series of delta landscapes that incorporate gold, and the effects of metals, as in gilding. 

While creating the metallic series #GildTheDelta, our administration changed, and with it, a change in the aesthetics came with it. Under this light, #GildTheDelta opens the opportunity for a conversation around the concept of gold and gilded environs as an expression of wealth and power.

Norwood Creech 2018

“Norwood Creech Exhibit Opens,” Poinsett County Democratic Tribune, Friday, January 19, 2018 http://www.democrattribune.com/story/2477799.html